Monday, 29 September 2014

Monday, Sept. 29

Progress keeps happening for most of you.  We have now been in school for 4 weeks.  There are seven of you registered.  On Friday, Oct. 3rd, the IndEP committee will meet for the first time this year and will process 4 applications for new students.  As part of this process, we go through each student's progress so far (including attendance) and decide whether progress is satisfactory, needs a contract to push ahead, or should be removed for lack of progress and attendance (these two usually go together).  If all 7 students are staying, then we will only have room to give one new student a chance.  This is why you have to be committed to this program and your success.
The other possibility is that we may allow some students to start half time where a desk is only being used part time right now.  Those who cannot commit to specific times may have to use the table rather than a desk at non-scheduled times.  We will try to be creative rather than rule-bound when it comes to helping you make it through school!

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