Monday, 22 September 2014


We have reached the Fall Equinox when the number of daylight hours will equal the number of night hours.  Until just before Christmas, the days will get shorter and shorter.  Sometimes it seems to me that the hours of daylight plunge like a rollercoaster and yet, the pace is probably reasonably steady.

At the same time, there is a comparison to each course you work on.  At first it seems like it will last forever and you are barely making progress.  "How many more lessons?"  Then somewhere you realize that you are half way through and the end becomes visible.  Next, the pile of work seems to be going down quickly and, hopefully, the quality is going up as you get in the groove.  Before you know it, you are done and looking at final projects and exams.

It is only September, but already some of you are nearly finished a credit.  Some of you are about halfway to your first credit.  A few of you are still looking at a large pile of work, but it is going down.  If you finish by the end of October, you will have lots of time for another credit or two before the semester end.

You may notice the top line of this blog is a series of links (ELA, Guitar, etc.)  Although still under construction, I am trying to post information in those blogs for you so you will always have reference information close at hand.  Take a look once in awhile.  I may even get it done!

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