Thursday, 15 January 2015

January 15, 2015

     We are almost done another semester.  Everyone should have one credit at the very least as we end the semester.  If not, you are probably on a contract or will be shortly.
Specific dates you should mark on your calendars are on the bar to your left.
     To your right are several tabs and links.  You should be able to get to some video or audio resources under the ELA resources.  Click and see.  The learning curve is still a bit steep for me, but I will keep trying to group our work here.
     The tabs at the top don't seem to be working for me yet, but I hope to get them going, too, very shortly.  If you are required to have a blog in your ELA, then you will have your blogging name linked to this blog so we can read and respond to each others work.  Maybe what I need to do is to set up a how-to resource for blogging under the resources.  It does not really matter which blog program you use, but have it be specifically for school instead of including your personal blog.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Did you ever wonder what all those courses at the top of the page are for?  Try clicking on the Guitar heading (especially if you are a guitar student!).  The topic is Greatest Guitar Player.  There is a poll and a sample posting of a great guitar player.  See what you think and don't be afraid to comment.  In fact, comments are mandatory for ELA and for Guitar!  Check it out!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Monday, Sept. 29

Progress keeps happening for most of you.  We have now been in school for 4 weeks.  There are seven of you registered.  On Friday, Oct. 3rd, the IndEP committee will meet for the first time this year and will process 4 applications for new students.  As part of this process, we go through each student's progress so far (including attendance) and decide whether progress is satisfactory, needs a contract to push ahead, or should be removed for lack of progress and attendance (these two usually go together).  If all 7 students are staying, then we will only have room to give one new student a chance.  This is why you have to be committed to this program and your success.
The other possibility is that we may allow some students to start half time where a desk is only being used part time right now.  Those who cannot commit to specific times may have to use the table rather than a desk at non-scheduled times.  We will try to be creative rather than rule-bound when it comes to helping you make it through school!

Monday, 22 September 2014


We have reached the Fall Equinox when the number of daylight hours will equal the number of night hours.  Until just before Christmas, the days will get shorter and shorter.  Sometimes it seems to me that the hours of daylight plunge like a rollercoaster and yet, the pace is probably reasonably steady.

At the same time, there is a comparison to each course you work on.  At first it seems like it will last forever and you are barely making progress.  "How many more lessons?"  Then somewhere you realize that you are half way through and the end becomes visible.  Next, the pile of work seems to be going down quickly and, hopefully, the quality is going up as you get in the groove.  Before you know it, you are done and looking at final projects and exams.

It is only September, but already some of you are nearly finished a credit.  Some of you are about halfway to your first credit.  A few of you are still looking at a large pile of work, but it is going down.  If you finish by the end of October, you will have lots of time for another credit or two before the semester end.

You may notice the top line of this blog is a series of links (ELA, Guitar, etc.)  Although still under construction, I am trying to post information in those blogs for you so you will always have reference information close at hand.  Take a look once in awhile.  I may even get it done!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Week Three

It is now our third week and we are pretty full in IndEP.  We have finished all the coffee supplies left over from last year and I have been marking ELA and math like crazy.  Some of you may be done before the middle of the semester and that is great.  More credits in your pockets.  However, I notice that none of the students are checking this blog!!!!  Guess I will have to make it more fully a part of your marks.  Hop to it, gang!

We missed the first picture day.  Retakes will be in October.  We have a decision to make.  Do we go over for pictures or do we take a series of pictures here at IndEP (group is OK) and submit them to the YearBook committee?  Think about it and respond to the questionaire on the side by Monday, Sept. 29.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Second Week Begins

Our first week is done and we are moving into the second week and regular scheduling now.  There are 7 students enrolled (one has not yet begun).  Everyone is making progress with their work and I am getting some marking.  All math booklets are due this week if you are planning to finish this semester (and I trust you are!!!!)  ELA 20 booklets should be done about once a week unless you are on a novel or play.  Novels should be half read now.  The guitars are sounding awesome as players tend to be playing lead riffs and learning numerous pieces.Way to go, guys!

Monday, 1 September 2014

And We Are Back . . . .

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 at 9 am is blast off time.  We will be back to our little building with some new students, new hopes and dreams, and plans to make it through to graduation in reasonable time.  Trust me when I say, "I am with you!"  It is not just because I want anyone gone.  I really do believe that each of you have amazing potential as smart and creative people who really just need to find their passion for life and learning.  When you do, nothing will hold you back anymore.  In the midst of teaching you and coaching you through all the math, science, ela, history, and extras, my job is to help you find yourselves.  Sure hope I am up to that challenge, too.  Welcome back to returning students and welcome in to new students.

For this first semester, we are mostly doing math and ela.  In the second term, we will look at sciences and history, and always, you will work at your own pace and in your own way as long as you are making reasonable progress.  New this year is the elective, Guitar 20L (L means limited and we are the only place in Sunwest School Division able to offer this elective right now!).  There are two guitars here to work on and you may bring your own, too.  There is an amp if you have an electric guitar and cord.  (Don't forget your head phones if you want some peace and quiet, too!)